Swartz 1 bw

Abner Swartz. Born 1924, Rhode Island. Swartz enlisted in the 10th Mountain Division in the Army during WWII. These soldiers spent two years training in snowy Camp Hill, Co., learning how to survive in the mountains. Then, the troop was sent to Italy to fight Germans in the Alpennine Mountains. In February 1945, the division took Riva Ridge in during a nighttime operation and prevented the Germans from surveying American movement below. They spent three months in the mountains fighting back the lines of German invasions in Italy. “I feel very strongly about America. To young people, I would say, appreciate what we have and try to make it better. There’s no place in the world that can touch America, and try to make things even better than they are.” “Life has been great. Every downer makes you a stronger and better person—make the most of that and remember that what you have here is the best in the world.” Swartz keeps a German Luger from WWII that he took from a captured German colonel.

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