Kanner 2 bw

Richard Kanner. Born 1923, Michigan. Kanner’s grandparents immigrated to the United States and worked their way up until they owned the biggest furniture store in Dayton, Ohio. They lost everything in the Great Depression. He lived with them and his mother, who was deaf and suffered from Parkinson’s disease, in a one-bedroom apartment. He started working after school when he was 10. At one point, he would wait outside A&P and offer to carry people’s groceries home. He moved up from stock boy to cashier, continuing with A&P until he became a bookkeeper. He also joined the Army Air Corps and became a radar navigator in WWII to get out of Ohio. “It was a bad time, but I didn’t feel badly that I was that poor and had to work. I never felt poor because my friends were all poor. The life we had, you learned how to work hard and value education.”

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